Make Any Cake Mix Taste Like It Was From A Bakery

August 13, 2018


Sometimes you really want to impress.

If the most you can afford after work is sitting in your pajamas eating five dollar cookie tins, you're probably not used to fine desserts. But if you have a chance to make friends, food is a great way to go.

More specifically, dessert food is the best way to go. Cake mix is a cheap way to create desserts with effort. If you want people to think your cooking is fancy though, you're going to want to add a few things.

1. Proceed as usual. Follow the directions on any cake mix package up until it's time to put food into the oven. The only directions you should exclude are ones that include water or oil.

2. Add one more egg for a richer taste. If you really want to push it, add two for an incredibly rich, moist cake.

3.  Use melted butter instead of oil. Use twice as much butter as the listed oil amount. 

4. Use milk instead of water. Use just as much milk as the original water amount. There is no need to double it.

5. Mix well and bake.

6. Enjoy tricking people into thinking you're the next Paula Dean.

Bonus: Add something tasty but unexpected as an extra flourish. One of my favorite combinations is macaroons and chocolate syrup. Another oldie but goodie is popcorn and caramel.

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