Paint Jeans With Natural Rose Petals

August 13, 2018


Who wants to paint on their jeans?

Jeans are so great. Their durable and they look amazing. You can use them for hard labor one second and go out on the town the next. It's no wonder people are always looking for ways to paint their jeans.  A product you can that's useful and beautiful is great.

That's why we're happy to talk about rose petals today. Manually painting on pictures of flowers is fine. But have you considered literally painting them on?


Flower prints are nothing new when to comes to literal canvases. Plucking flower petals and gluing them on paper is the sort of stuff we were doing in kindergarten.  Occasionally, if your teachers were super patient, you'd dip some leaves in the paint too.

Today, we're painting on fabric. Jean fabric can be pretty hard to get paint to stick too. The fibers are meant to be tough, and paint doesn't glide as easily.

Get some fabric paint and create something deep enough to dunk in. If you can only get a tube, cut the top off with scissors and squeeze it all into a cup. Mix it with a little bit of water so it's not super solid. I used a paint can of white paint. You might not want to splurge, however.

Get some faux flowers or pluck wildflowers from around your house. Dunk them into the paint until it's soaked. Immediately press them against the jeans. Use something flat like a cutting board and press them to the exposed side quickly. You can't move it around. You'll mess up the design.

(Note: In the case, you use a cutting board, don't use it on food afterward. reserve that cutting board for paint only. Do not mix paint with food.)

Using real flowers will create a unique flower design. Instead of a whole flower, which you get if you manually paint flowers, you get an impression.  If you do it well, you'll get all the petals as they are situated next to each other. Seeing all petals instead of the entire flower as itis connect to each other is beautiful.

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