Turn Cake Mix Into Cookie Dough Cheaply

August 13, 2018


Who wants a quick lifehack for turning a cake mix into cookie dough?

We're always looking for cheap lifehacks to give Y'all. Here's one for transforming cake mix.

People who have the time might utilize store flour to transform cake mix. But we're millennials, and we don't have the tiiiiimmme.


1. Buy your favorite cake mix.

2. Ignore the box's requests for liquids. Only add the following. Do not add the liquids listen on the box. We're only going to use the powder mix that comes in the box.

3. Add two eggs to just the powder mix. 

4. Add 1/2 cup of oil to just the powder mix and the two eggs.

5. Pour into a cookie tin or roll it on a cookie sheet. Bake it according to the temperature and time directions on the box.


6. You've now got cookies that taste like cake flavors. Enjoy!

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