Thrift Breakfast Series #20: How To Throw A Continental Breakfast Outside

August 28, 2018


Howdy, Y'all! This thrifty breakfast series is a little different because it's not just for one person. It's for all your friends!

There's a saying that goes "you are most like your five closest friends". If you're in college, those friends probably have about the same amount of money as you: none.

Get-togethers are thrifty at best and sad at worst. So having a nice big meal together can be really fun for everyone. Obviously, this "Thrifty Breakfast Series" entry will cost a bit more than our other series. It's for more than one person. However, it will still cost a lot less than a standard group meal due to your thrifty friends at Under15.

The continental breakfasts we used to love as kids when we went on vacation have a lot of variety. It covers a lot of people's tastes. So this entry also comes with a step by step guide, as well as an ingredients list.

1. Find a thrifty grocery store. Examples of this include Aldi and El Mercado. These are grocery stores meant to act like thrift stores. You can get a lot of food for a lot less. They also have a couple of brands you might not have heard of since their target market is in a low-income bracket. Some of the products are made to especially appeal to this audience.

    a. Shopping List:
        1. Store Bakery Bread Loaf
        2. Butter
        3. A Cookie Shape Cutters
        4. A Carton Of Eggs
        5. 3 Store Brand Versions Of Classic Cereals (Cheaper)
        6. Orange Juice
        7. Jam
        8. A Large Plate
        9. Milk

2. Set the loaf in the middle of the big plate. Make sure it "fans out".

3. Use the cookie cutters to cut the butter into cute shapes. Place them on a small saucer.

4. Boil the eggs and place them in a mug. It's not the same as a fancy egg cup, but it will look cute.

5. Transfer the orange juice into a tall glass or a transparent carton. Place it next to the plate to make it look fancy. Do the same thing with the milk.

6. Leave the jam as is and place it next to the big plate.

7. Leave out the cereal boxes, giving your friends a bunch of alternative options for the milk.


8. Bonus: Toast the crust of some bread, dunk it in chocolate and freeze it for an hour to make "bread biscottis".     

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