3 Ways To Lose Weight Like A Kardashian

September 27, 2018

What's up? Who wants to do a little body improvement today?

The Kardashians have helped to make a more full figured body more popular. If you want to try and get the same body type, you have to approach weight loss a little differently.

Traditionally, weight loss has had a bigger focus on dieting. Combining a singular type of exercise with a lifestyle change in portion size as well as what's in those portions has resulted in a small, slimmer frame.

But the Kardashians aren't slim. They are skinny, but not in the same lithe/dancer way we're used to seeing in magazines. They have prominent butts and bigger hips, which changes your weight loss focus from simply losing weight to building muscle. Doing this combined with a regular intake of protein powder will make these areas more prominent. Check out the following exercises:


1. Swimming


An oldie but a goodie, swimming works the entire body. Swimming makes for an awesome leg workout, which is important when it comes to emphasizing the hips.

If you've never swam before, start with a boogie board and work on kicking.


2. Boxing

This one is super effective! Boxing is usually thought of as a purely violent sport. However, there is a lot of precision when it comes to training. a lot of the drills are awesome for building muscle. It'll definitely help you slim down on stomach fat, tone up your arms and even elevate your butt.


3. Intense Zumba

Zumba will not only help you slim down like a Kardashian, but it'll also help you party like one too. The hip-hop style Kylie Jenner has adapted has a lot of roots in hip-hop, and intense Zumba often uses that type of music to get your heart racing. It's great for the butt and legs, giving your an amazing hourglass figure.

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