8 Ways To Copy Kylie Jenner's Look For Less Than $15

September 27, 2018

Hey, Y'all! We're back again for the fabulous month of September. Since it's almost over, we figured we'd make a nice affordable style guide to say goodbye. As the masters in thrifting, breaking down outfits to their core elements and recreating them for less is a breeze. Here are 8 ways to copy some of Kylie Jenner's most favorite outfits.

The important thing to note about Kylie Jenner is where her sense of fashion comes from. The sort of bodycon (a type of cut that contours to the body) minimal color style she has started out in African American, Hispanic and Latinx neighborhoods as a result of local trends and available resources. You see it pop up in a lot of Hip Hop circles because of the genre's origin with these groups of people and the historical influences that often put them in low-income neighborhoods. As a result, beautiful styles were crafted out of ingenuity in the face of limited income, creating the iconic trend we see today now thanks to Hip Hop's popularity. 

These clothing hacks are the result of revisiting the places smart WOC had to pull their wardrobe from. 



Boyfriendish Jeans With Fit Waist ( Walmart: Go to the discount men's section and get an adjustable waist. Roll up the legs for the sloppy-on-purpose cuffs. ) + Standard Face Frontal Shirt ( Go to any thrift store. ) + White Sneakers ( Shoes like these are frequently mocked up by Payless, which is currently trimming fat. Already listing shoes at a low price, the closing stores are sending prices shooting down. ) = This photo has a major boyfriend vibe.



Long Sleeve Pink Bodycon Dress ( Walmart: Instagram baddie styles are now common inventory in big locations. ) + Fingerless Glove Sleeves ( Carefully cut the sleeves off at the elbow and shift it over the knuckles. ) = You get casual attention-grabbing wear.



Grey Bodycon Long Sleeved Top ( Walmart: Go to the thermal section. Thermals are meant to be worn in the winter and are usually layered under something else. For this reason, they are often skin tight, giving the illusion of bodycon. Select a grey thermal top and bottom set. Carefully cut the neck and shoulders off) + Faux Drawstring Tie ( Buy a grey shoelace. Cut two small parallel holes above the crotch. Loop the shoelace through them and make a bow. ) = You can lounge around in style.



Slightly Baggy White T-Shirt ( Buy a dollar store back of whites a size bigger than what you are. ) + Exposed Pocket Distressed Shorts ( Walmart: Buy a $5 light pair of blue jeans. Use regular scissors to cut them short, then go back over them with a pair of craft scissors. The distressed blade will make it choppy. Find the halfway mark of where the pockets are and create slits as wide of the pockets. Pull the pockets through the slits. ) + Triangular White Backpack ( Forever 21 Double Level Locations: As unknown as it is useful, Forever21 has a discount corner. We're not talking about their already low prices. Usually next to the plus-size clothing, Forever21 usually has a discount rack of things that have been there for a couple of months or are a little broken. Niche purses are often squished under the lowest shelf. ) + Pointy Boots ( Big Estate Sale Houses: Ringing with retro vibes, shoes like these pop up pretty often in the houses of older women trying to sell off their things. ) + Reflective Glasses ( Nordstrom ) = A really nice out-on-the-town outfit.



Giant Grey Sweater ( Walmart: Go to men's winter wear and carefully cut a triangle hem into a large-sized sweater. Slip half of the neck hold over your shoulder and push the sleeves up. ) + Blue Jeans ( Go to any thrift store. ) = Get an adorable outfit.



Smooth Grey Tank Top ( Target: Buy a simple women's nightshirt in grey. No one will know the difference. ) + Dark Blue Jeans and Jacket ( Target: The men's section often put jean assortments like this next to each other. Don't forget the adjustable waist. ) + Soft Black Belt ( Walmart: Go for the cheap kind near the socks. They usually look worn like this. ) + Key Hooks ( Walgreens: Attach the hooks to the loops in your belt. ) + Reflective Sunglasses ( Nordstrom ) + Diamond Studs ( Forever21 ) = You look ready for a music video!



Shirt Dress ( Walmart: Get a semi-sheer XL men's t-shirt. ) + Brown Jacket ( Express: Head to the discount rack. ) + Brown Boots ( Marshalls ) + Square Brown Bag ( Estate Sale: Older womans' closets usually have at least one of these. ) = What a nice party outfit!



Cute Grey Hoodie ( Marshalls's Men Section ) + Simple Knee Exposed Jeans ( Marshalls ) + Tan Baseball Cap ( Walmart ) + Feet ( Target: Tan socks, Marshalls: Spaghetti Strap Heels ) = Get a low profile Saturday look.

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