How To Get Braids Like Travis Scott For Less Than $15

September 27, 2018

Braiding hair is pretty easy once you get into it. Travis Scott has helped popularized free braids, so today we're covering how to get them for yourself.

1. Start above your forehead. Using the nail of your pinkie, section off a square chunk of hair above your ear.

2. Pull the chunk into three sections.

3. Label the three sections A, B and C.

4. Cross section A over section B. Pull A and B wide apart so the cross is close to the scalp.

5. Pull section C in between the V A and B have created.

6. Cross section B over section C.

7. Cross section A over section B.

8. Continue until the end of the chunk is reached.

9. Make another triangle chunk next to the first. In order for them to fit together, this triangle chunk should be the other way around. So if you make the topmost point of the first one start above the ear, the point of this one should be pointing in the other direction. Vice versa.

10. Repeat steps 3 through 9 until you run out of hair and your head is covered in triangle based braids.




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