Diversity Microcultures: 15 Things You Might've Noticed About Bisexuals

October 22, 2018

Bisexuals otherwise know as the B in LGBTQ+, are finally starting to get some attention. Despite being one of the biggest communities in the larger LGBTQ+ community, they can get passed over a lot. Sometimes bisexuals can be labeled as confused gays or straight people, even by their own community!


Well, today we're showing them some love with some bisexual posts. Here are some things bisexuals have noticed about themselves and like laughing about. Take a shot every time someone mentions cuffed jeans and bobs.


1. (source) Bisexuals can wear anything, but they seem to have a bit of a trademarked look.


2. (source) Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At the Disco is also a bop. Using sexuality as a playlist prompt seems pretty common.


Being able to relate to Boys by Charlie XCX and Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko is bisexual culture.


    3. (source) Every bisexual character seems tot have the same haircut.


    Bi culture is having a bob hair cut at least once in your life


    4. (source) Haha it would be funny if it didn't hurt so much hahahha. Talking about having twice as many options and no bae is lonely heart club topic #1 for bisexuals.


    Bi culture is having twice as many people to potentially be interested in, but still being single as fuck


    5. (source) There are just so many pretty girls.


    girls in skirts. girls in overly large sweaters. girls that put their hair up in double buns. girls that wear round glasses. girls who tuck their hair behind their ear right before blushing. girls with blonde hair. girls with brown hair. girls with red hair. girls with black hair. just girls in general. FUCK.


    6. (source) The playlists are neverending!


    Women Loving Women Songs Written/Performed by Bisexual, Pansexual and Bicurious Artists


    Honey - Kehlani

    She - Dodie Clark

    On Your Side - The Veronicas

    Holy - Zolita

    The Girl From Ipanema - Amy Winehouse

    Cool For The Summer - Demi Lovato

    First Love Never Die - Soko

    Hey Girl - Lady Gaga ft Florence Welch

    1st Position - Kehlani

    Only A Girl - Gia

    Is There Somewhere - Halsey

    Make Me Feel - Janelle Monaé

    Take Me On The Floor - The Veronicas

    Valerie - Amy Winehouse

    Marceline - Willow Smith

    Who Wears The Pants?? - Soko

    Explosion - Zolita

    Strangers - Halsey FT Lauren Jauregui

    I Need A Woman To Love - Kesha

    Americano - Lady Gaga



    7. (source) There are so many more ways a crush can go crazy.


    Bi Guy Problem #3


    Having a crush on a man and a woman at the exact same time.



    8. (source) There's a lot of zoning in on the little things.


    Hot Things Guys Do


    Aries: Grab the top of the door while talking to you, baring their stomach


    Taurus: Look at you lovingly even when you’re not looking at him


    Gemini: Clutching their chest as they laugh


    Cancer: Concentrating really hard on something, their eyes furrowing as they focus on a particular object


    Leo: Running their nice hands through their hair


    Virgo: Picking up your pencil when you’ve dropped it


    Libra: Playing with puppies, or babies


    Scorpio: Wearing glasses, reading a book, and sipping coffee in an aesthetic cafe


    Sagittarius: Knocking on the door when they take you on a date instead of simply texting, “im here”


    Capricorn: Writing you long notes on why they love you


    Aquarius: Getting giddy and child like when they talk/see something they love


    Pisces: Acting respectful towards their mother, and others in general



    9. (source) Like, there's a lot of thinking to do.


    18 Things That Instantly Make Boys A Million Times Hotter For No Reason


    1. When they roll up their sleeves.


    2. When they loosen their ties.


    3. When they wear suits.


    4. When they flip wet hair away from their face.


    5. When they're being polite!


    6. When they dance.


    7. When they wear sports uniforms.


    8. When the're sporty.


    9. Showing emotion.


    10. Cologne!


    11. When they hold puppies.


    12. When they hold tiny animals.


    13. Glasses. Just, glasses.


    14. Hot smirking.


    15. When the whole squad is fine.


    16. When their hair pokes out of their hats.


    17. The little over the head and off shirt method.


    18. When they take off their shirts.


    10. (source) Boy problems boy problems boy problems.


    11. (source) Cool date ideas!


    I just want a girlfriend that I can take to the mall and watch her try on cute outfits and then make out with her in the changing room


    12. (source) Ab lines are a weakness no matter what gender they're on.


    Girls with abs are everyone’s weakness


    13. (source) Some of their best friends came from times where they couldn't necessarily be out.


    Nothings more powerful than an underground gay community in a Catholic school.


    14. (source) Now you know. 


    my straight roommate just asked why I wear all my rings on one hand……………


    15. (source) Bisexuals who are safe enough to be out are not afraid to show their attraction.


    sometimes I really want a boyfriend then other times I want a girlfriend and then sometimes I’ll see a cute girl and be like damn and other times I’ll see a cute boy and be like daMN and anyway being bisexual is exhausting

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