Diversity Microcultures: 16 Times Black Woman Slayed Natural Hair

October 22, 2018

Black women are already killing 2018. Let's learn one of the reasons why! 


Only recently have black women started to get credit for a blessing they've had for a long time: their natural hair! Delightly curly and beautifully textured, black hair looks great in an endless number of styles. 


In celebration, plenty of black women have started posting pictures of their hair as they've discovered what works for them. Whether it's a natural solution like shea butter or a special sleeping technique, their afros are camera ready.


1. @_callmesparkle on instagram (source)






This little queen is rocking some delightful twist outs! Twists are made by wrapping natural hair around itself and tying the ends. When it's finished setting, they can be untwisted for some delightful waves. The smaller the twists, the move defined the waves. You can also separate the wavy parts for more volume.

2. (source)



Combo move! Three beauties, one camera!

I really love this one because of the shaved head. Really short hairstyles for black women are often overlooked because they're not "feminine enough", which is an entire other gross conversation. But the close cut curls here are just as beautiful! I really wish I knew where she got her lipstick. So pretty!

Hats and afros are this season's deadly combo. The girl in the middle is batting a thousand just for the brim. Her loose, slightly frizzy curls are lovely, and her eyeliner is so sharp it cut you with a look.

Cornrows are a classic look made by braiding the braids to the scalp instead of letting them just hand. These are beautiful and shiny. Her edges are better laid out than my future.


3. (source unknown)



The picture above either shows a loose curl (A or B) or head that's had a flat iron casual pressed through it a few times. Topping it with an African headscarf makes it pop against her collection of beads. If anyone knows where to get her dress, I'd be willing to kill for you. As a Gen Xer, I've already slaughtered a bunch of industries.


4. Zendaya Coleman (source)



Everyone knows the story that goes with this picture. Zendaya showed up to an awards show and a fashion commentator said she looked like she smelled like weed.

Dreadlocks are one of the most disrespected hairstyles out there.   A lot of people's reference for dreads are poorly maintained ones. These dreads are stiff, dry, and poorly maintained.


Dreadlocks are fairly easy for black people t to make in their hair. All they need is a little bit of product. After dampening a small chunk of hair, you simple twirl a piece, cross it over another, twirl the second piece, cross it over the first, until you're out of hair. The result is a lustrous, curly lock.


5. @sheriamaya (source)


Here's another short style! Short hair works great with a headscarf. The carefully shaven edges combined with a big knot is such a look.


6. (source)



3a curls give me life. Here's another short style showing off their beauty!


7. @iamkimberlyt on instagram (source)



Afros need more praise in real life. One of the few things the 80s got right was the fluffy power of the fourth African American hair type.


8. (source unknown)



Another thing that's looked down on the African American hair community is colored hair. There is a belief that black hair is already wild enough, and things like dying your afro red is a laughable stereotype. But the reddish brown hair here is just another mindblowing example of an afro.


9. (source unknown)



Dreadlocks are so much more versatile than people believe. What a unique honeycomb!


10. (source)




Classic barbershop cuts are a huge inspiration for boyish styles type 4 women like to wear. Look at the close shaved sides and the way it flares out on the top.


11. (source unknown)



The bigger the afro the better!


12. (source)





13. @blacklionroars on instagram (source)



Everyone could use a little more wild love for dreadlocks in their life. When they're well maintained, natural hair can get really long.


14. (source)



A lot of curls pour over onto the forehead. Hear, she's decided to brush back her edges, so her afro looks like a mane. Nice!


15. (source unknown)



Bias against colored hair hit black women especially hair when they're darker skinned. But why? It just makes everything pop? I don't think I've ever seen such a striking group of blondes and redheads.


16. (source)


Type 3 is the kind of hair you image when a book describes "a great beauty with a wild mess of curls". None of these girls need volumizer. I'm super jealous!


That's it for our list. Black culture itself is vast and interesting. But the hair culture within it is often unappreciated. It's nice to find new ways to celebrate communities or to learn something new about each other. If you're curious about black hair culture, check out Tumblr and Instagram for more! If you have any questions, why not leave a comment?

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