Everything You've Never Noticed About Adora's Style From She-Ra

November 27, 2018

She-Ra from the rebooted Shre-Ra Princess of Power series on Netflix is amazing. Prettier still is Adora, who 'She-Ra' is when she's not She-Ra. Not just because of her look, but because of her character.


But today we're going to focus on the former because we can't all find a magical power sword in the middle of an intergalactic forest.



Adora is a lean, mean blonde machine. Strong enough to punt her ex-girlfriend's hopes and dreams into the sun with her mind, Adora uses her powers to heft her enemies and flowery pink lesbians like they're nothing. We didn't grow up bench pressing babes though, so the first step to breaking down Adora's style is athleisure wear.


An athleisure top is the best way to imitate Adora's form-fitting tops. They highlight the curves and muscles. While Adora's outfit is far from skimpy, her figure is easy to outline.


Next, you'll want a collared undershirt, which makes this sort of aesthetic great for activity in the wintertime. The need to layer in order to replicate her tops make for great insulation, and seeing as you can mix and match the colors while still imitating her style, you can do a lot of things with the belt around your waist to match.


Her boots are pretty straightforward. Just make sure you choose something dark and tuck them into boots. The Adora look seems to be great for any "go-getter", but remember fashion doesn't have limits. Her utilitarian but stylish look is very futuristic; maybe you'll see it in your closet in the near future!


[art source: https://mobile.twitter.com/Gingerhazing/status/1047965630975098882/photo/1 ]

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