Everything You've Never Noticed About Sapphire's Style From Steven Universe

November 27, 2018

Whatever your thoughts on Steven Universe Are, you can't deny that's it's produced some amazing fan-art. With the last season rolling in, we'd like to reexamine one of our favorite Steven Universe characters with style.




One half of an interstellar lesbian space couple, Sapphire is the more feminine-coded out of the pair. Why?


Her long, fluffy hair falls into a more "girly-girl" styles. When it comes to making a tomboy, character designers usually go short. Her African American influences also give her plump lips, along with her fluttery eyelashes. So far, Sapphire's only been seen in one outfit, which strongly resembles a lady of the court. She has elegant, long gloves, and a lovely voice.


Her style is simple and classy, much like this piece of fan-art. When trying to create "Sapphire Style" in your own life, go for long skirts and dresses with shape. It'll draw attention to the hips (feminine). Lace also creates the same sort of atmosphere of a ladylike courtesan without the cost, along with gauzy fabric like the jacket above.

You don't have to have long hair, though extensions can easily replicate the atmosphere of Sapphire's hair when drawn up in a ponytail. Aiming for fluffy or wind-whipped is enough. Comb through your hair with shaping jell and make it bigger/give it more motion with a hairdryer. 


Maybelline makes one of the best discount mascaras, and practicing moisturizing lip care can make them look much plumper. Walmart is also a great place for discount gloves, and make a great final touch to this classy, feminine look.


[ photo credit: maruu-s.tumblr.com ]

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