What Does @ArianaGrade's Straight Song Being Nominated For A Queer Reward Mean For The Culture

February 3, 2019


The Queerties are a queer contest making most of their publicity through the hastage #Queerties. It's got a pretty cute format. The logo comes in a pleasant orange and white, with a nice font an an easily accessible voting mechanism.


People wanting to vote for their favorite queer artist can visit queerty.com and vote up and February 22nd. February 22nd is the cut off point where the winners will be announced, and the voting will be closed.


"Thank U, Next" by Arianna Grande has found itself on the list. At first, looking from the outside in, this isn't even worth a note. Ariana Grade write bops right? It's a good song. Why wouldn't it be nominated for an award? Sure, the song is written about ex-boyfriends by a straight women, but songs can be interpreted to mean anything right?




For the busy onlooker, this is a perfectly good explanation. "Next", as Ms. Grande might say. But jumping to this conclusion misses out on the rich culture LGBTQ+ people already have in music. It's not as if they only have a handful of singers here and there, and have to look to straight people for more music to represent themselves. There are literally hundreds of great LGBTQ+ music artists. The only reason you might not of heard of them is because, ironically, they're LGBTQ+.


We like to think we're very progressive in 2019, but a lot of exposure we get to music comes from public sources such as radio. And plenty of radio stations still think that LGBTQ+ artists aren't radio friendly. The same goes for other sources artists traditionally get a lot of exposure through. YouTube, for example, is a great place for a musician with few resources to have a come up. But LGBTQ+ videos are frequently flagged by the system, while videos by the alt-right, neo nazies, intense anti feminists, etc can go on unchecked for months,


The LGBTQ+ community is left on it's own to push it's superstars. And that's getting better. Competitions like the Queerties allow the community to take the LGBTQ+ artists they feel represent them and boost them up so they can finally see the success they deserve.


So "Thank U, Next" is something to take note of when it's pushing the lead in a competition like this. Ariana Grande is a lovely person, but when the opportunity arises to push minority artists in competitions literally made more minorities, you can't blame people for getting their feathers ruffled.


When it comes to Queer Anthems, LGBTQ+ people don't have to look to straight people for representation. We have Troye Sivan, Janelle Monae, Todrick Hall, Mnek and more. Why don't you check out some of their songs that are also up for nomination?



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