Things That Remind Us Of Thrift Shop by Broken Brass Ensemble

January 25, 2020

Thrift Shop is such a nice song to listen to. It has an upbeat tone to it and the person singing sounds like they're having such a great time. Thrift shops in real life can be wonderful places for people to not just find things they love, but things that remind them of found memories or experiences, so besides being a great song, 'Thrift Shop' is also a pretty nice way to bring back some nostalgia.


As a thrift shop based in Salt Lake City Utah, we have plenty of examples of this, and thought we might share them with you while listening to 'Thrift Shop' at home base. We'll let you in on some great deals in the process!




"A lot of normal stores have a problem selling clothes in sizes larger that Small, Medium and Large. It was really disheartening when I was younger, because I was kind of chubby and didn't really feel comfortable in any of those sizes. 


Being in a thrift shop was completely different. There were graphic tees in my size and much bigger, pretty floral dresses, and even some pieces that were as stylized as smaller sizes in mainstream stores. Even though I'm not that size anymore, I still have a fondness for thrift shops offering such a broad range of items when other places rarely do."


Floral Top













"I think one of my favorite things about thrift shops is how different they can be based on whose running them? Like, any store that's not part of a huge chain looks unique because it doesn't have to maintain a specific image, but thrift stores can get really wild. 


Like there's Pib's Exchange that's laid out like a huge costume store (part of it is a costume store) and then there's Iconoclad which looks like a really eclectic closet.  Because they can be so varied, so find way more stuff in them then you'd expect? Like not just plain shirts and stuff. There are really nice, fancy looking dresses and formal outfit stuff too. I bought this really lacy black dress that I think is from the 80s at a thrift store and wore it to prom."


Silky Black And White Blouse

















"Not to roast anyone who thrifts, but I think it's safe to say most thrifters don't have a lot of money to just throw at their closet. I'm a college student so that's especially true for me. So going into thrift shops is kind of one of my default things to do. Like wandering around a bookstore or visiting the park.


I remember once I saw this really pretty old fashioned looking blouse that I wanted with all my heart. And ever though I was in a thrift shop, I thought it had to be at least fifteen dollars.


But no, if was like two bucks! You know that sinking feeling you get in your chest when you think you're about the be disappointed, and not only do you not get disappointed, you get a really nice surprise? I literally paid for that shirt with a handful of change.


It feels kind of silly to consider that a fond memory. It was just a shirt. But I felt so lucky."


Blue Lace Blouse

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